Ghostbusters Tobirama

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//draws this bcus i am still sad

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Some people say I look like this guy by MrLegenDarius



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bluestarsaber: Do you think Mr kishimoto did poor choice of wording for Naruto? Do you think it would of been better if he said "Obito has done some mistakes some which may never be forgiven, But I will not let you talk down to him like that!" be better?


Hardly. Naruto is always straight to the point. People seem to have a problem with that line, but I don’t. I like it. This is true Naruto, a Naruto that everyone in the fandom increasingly becomes annoyed at. It isn’t about unforgivable actions or justice or anything like that. People want Naruto to be darker than he is, someone he is not because our realities and WE are darker people than Naruto is. Naruto releases himself from anger and hatred. Naruto releases Obito from his guilt. So does Rin. It is over.

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did you ever look at a character and you were like

my son

but at the same time you’re like

my boyfriend

and ????????????

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This one instance (amongst others tbh), I thought she was absolutely beautiful.

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♪ Please don't close off your heart ♫

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